Joyce Gibson Roach


Texas Short Stories 2 (American Regional Book Series Volume 7)

These previously unpublished short stories have their settings in diverse Texas places and times, from Old West to Winn-Dixie. The series combines works by several of the states better known authors with those of new discoveries, gifted Texans that might not have otherwise gotten into print.

Texas Short Stories

We get stories, here, from city and small town, from Big Bend to the Big Thicket, from men and women, from black and white and brown, from familiar names of veteran Texas writers as well as from younger writers just beginning to blossom, and we get points of view from all over the big map.

Texas Humoresque: Lone Star Humorists from Then Till Now

High Toned Woman by Joyce Roach and Drawing By Charles Shaw.

Texas & Christmas: A collection of traditions, memories, and folklore

Throughout the world, Christmas is probably the most special day of the year. And everywhere, from Maine to California and beyond the ocean, it is different in each community, each home.

Tales of the American West

From the Western Writers of America-the most respected Western author organization in America-comes this extraordinary anthology featuring fifteen Spur Award-winning classics of Western fiction including: Loren D. Estleman, Richard Matheson, Elmer Kelton, Judy Alter, Win Blevins, Harry W.

Stirring Prose: Cooking with Texas Authors

Stirring Prose: Cooking with Texas Authors is a delightfully revealing look at some of Texas's best writers.

Short Call

Joyce Gibson Roach has collected “snippets” of stories, recipes, and traditions of life in Turtle, Texas, which represents many small towns—and the people who inhabit them. Many of the younger generations leave such towns, finding both place and society crumbling.

Ride for the Brand

The Poetry and Music of Red Steagall, including original artwork by members of the Cowboy Artists of America plus hand written lead sheets of Steagall's music.

Editor and foreward, Joyce Roach

Quotoble Texas Women

"A truly enjoyable read." -- Texas Books in Review

Notes from Texas

Writing biographies by Texas authors including Joyce Roach.