Joyce Gibson Roach



1966 Post Graduate Studies in English University of North Texas

1965 MA English Texas Christian University

1958 BFA Speech/Drama/Education Texas Christian University


1996—2000  Columnist, Fort Worth Star-Telegram; folklore and history.

1994 Adjunct English faculty, North Central Texas College, early American literature

1984—1997   Adjunct English faculty, Texas Christian University; courses in composition, paper of argument, early English and American literature, Western novel, folklore and Literature of the Southwest .

1985—1986   Free lance educational consultant; designed and taught reviews for reading and writing portion of the first TCAT in state; other in-service programs on history and language arts.

1984—1988  Texas: Fact, Fiction, and Folklore; course for adult education, TCU; Small Town Culture: A Texas Perspective, adult education, TCU.

1976—1985  Teacher, Keller Independent Schools; English, history and developed and taught courses in Advanced Texas Studies and Southwest Literature.

1972 Teacher, preschool, Rabyor Private School.

1958—1963 Teacher, speech therapy and speech education for the deaf, Fort Worth Public Schools.



Lifetime member Texas Folklore Society

Texas Institute of Letters

Texas State Historical Association

Lifetime member West Texas Historical Association

Lifetime member East Texas Historical Association

Philosophical Society of Texas

Western History Association

Western Literature Association

Horned Lizard Conservation Society

National Cowboy Hall of Fame

National Cowgirl Hall of Fame

North Fort Worth Historical Society

Writers League of Texas

College Council of Teachers of English

Lifetime member Friends of the T.C.U Library

German Association for the Study of the Western

Hymn Society of America

National Association of Newspaper Columnists

Southwestern American Literature Association

Tarrant County Historical Preservation Council

Western Writers of America

Westerners Corral

Woman's Club of Fort Worth

Lifetime member Girl Scouts

Offices, Boards and Committees

Councilor, Board of Directors, Texas Folklore Society, 1971-1974.

President, Texas Folklore Society, 1975-1976.

Chairman, Spur Awards, Western Writers of America, 1988.

Board Member, Texas Alliance for the Humanities, 1988-1993.

Judge, Non-Fiction Book Award, Western Writers of America, 1989.

Chairman, Crosstimbers Alliance for Culture, History and Education (CACHE), 1988-1993. Activities included photograph exhibition of Keller history, commemorative train stop, classical string quartet concerts, storytelling as a part of Wild West Days celebration.  Gained non-profit status for CACHE.

Board Member, Northeast Tarrant Arts Council, 1990-1993.

Judge, Non-Fiction Book Award, Texas Institute of Letters, 1992.

Chairman, Owen Wister Award for Outstanding Achievement and Contribution to Western Letters, Western Writers of America, 1993.

Chairman, Non-Fiction Book Award, Texas Institute of Letters, 1993.

Director, Red Steagall Cowboy and Cowgirl Poetry Contest, 1999-2001

Board Member, Western Writers of America, 1995-1997.

Program Committee, Texas State Historical Association, 1997.

TCU Press Advisory Council

Judge Children’s Literature Texas Institute of Letters, 2005

National President, Horned Lizard Conservation Society 2008

Chairman Fellows Committee, Texas State Historical Association 2007-2008


Institute of Texan Cultures, for exhibit "Ranch Women: Roles, Images and Possibilities" 1984.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, exhibit "Thundering Hooves" from the Witte Museum.

Montana PBS and Montana State University, documentary film "I'll Ride That Horse" 1994.

Consultant and Narrator, Big Wheel Productions and Center for Women's Studies, Denver, Colorado,  documentary film "Cowgirls" 1994-1996.

Colloquium to plan museum development of a building in a downtown area to house the Yena Collection. Witte Museum, San Antonio, Texas 1994.

Consultant as cowgirl historian with Walt Disney Imagineering Team to plan and design National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, Fort Worth, 1996.


Texas Institute of Letters.

Fellow, Texas State Historical Association.

Fellow, Clements Center of Southwest Studies.

Fellow, Texas Folklore Society

Speaker for Texas Council for the Humanities' "Explorations '97" Series.

Philosophical Society of Texas

Local Honors

Outstanding Educator, School of Education, Texas Christian University, 1984.

Inducted into Texas Christian University Homed Frog Marching Band Hall of Fame, 1991.

TCU Alumni Board, 1983.

TCU First Alumni Leadership Conference, 1981.

Jacksboro, Texas High School Hall of Fame, 1995.

Book Awards

Spur Award, for best non-fiction book, 1978 for The Cowgirls from Western Writers of America (Gulf Publishing; UNT Press).

Spur Award, for best short non-fiction, 1988 for "A High Toned Woman" from Western Writers of America. (SMU Press)

Texas Institute of Letters $5,000 Carr P. Collins Award for Eats: A Folk History of Texas Foods, with co-author, Ernestine Sewell Linck, 1989 (TCU Press).

San Antonio Preservation Award for Eats: A Folk History of Texas Foods, with co-author Ernestine Sewell Linck, 1989.

Spur Award, for best short story, 1991 for "Just As I Am" from Western Writers of America. (Doubleday Publishers)    

William A Jary memorial award from Tarrant County Historical Commission for Wild Rose: A Folk History of A Cross Timbers Settlement. 1996.

Spur finalist for short story, “In Broad Daylight,” Western Writers of America (Browder Springs Press)

Finalist for children’s book, Horned Toad Canyon, Writers League of Texas (Bright Sky Press)


Texas Folklife Resources Master/Apprentice, 1991; acted as apprentice to Valerie Ryals, Old-Time Texas Fiddler master; performed as part of women's series "Blues, Bolero and Breakdowns" Antonne's Club, Austin. Texas.

Tager TV, Texas Christian University, 1992; produced and narrated documentary on Valerie Ryals and "backup" masters Tommy and Elsie Berger.



The Cowgirls. Preface by C. L. Sonnichsen. Houston, Cordovan, 1977.

C. L. Sonnichsen. Boise, Idaho, Boise State University, 1979. (Boise State University Western Writers series. no. 40).

Texas and Christmas; A Collection of Traditions, Memories and Folklore. Edited by Judy Alter and Joyce Gibson Roach. Fort Worth, Texas Christian University Press, 1983. Includes "In Search of Uncle Freddie."

The Horned Toads' Christmas. illustrated by Judy Oelfke Smith. Keller, Tex., Texanna Press, 1989.

Eats; A Folk History of Texas Foods, by Ernestine Sewell and Joyce Gibson Roach. Foreword by James Ward Lee. Fort Worth, Texas Christian University Press, 1989.

The Cowgirls, Second edition revised and edited. Preface by C. L. Sonnichsen. Afterword by Elmer Kelton. Denton, University of North Texas Press, 1990.

This Place of Memory, A Texas Perspective. Edited by Joyce Gibson Roach. Denton, University of North Texas Press, 1992. Includes "Introduction" and "The Best Time."

Collective Heart; Texans in World War II. Joyce Gibson Roach, editor. Austin, Texas, Eakin Press, 1996.

Wild Rose; A Folk History of a Cross Timbers Settlement: Keller, Texas. Virginia Beach, VA. Donning Company, 1996.

Cowgirl of the Rocking R (Privately published; ISBN numbered)

The Little Town That Could, Joyce Gibson Roach, editor. Virginia Beach, VA. Donning Company, 2008.

Chapters, Introductions, Afterwords, Forewords

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Shall We Gather At the River. A Folk Play depicting the history of the First Christian Church. Fort Worth, Texas. September, 1983.

Texanna! [Concept, script and music by Joyce Gibson Roach with Owen Phillips and Ellisene Davis. Musical folk-drama/pageant for Sesquicentennial of Texas.] Presented at Old Fort Richardson, Jacksboro, Texas; Liberty, Texas Theatre; and Red Oak, Texas Community Theatre. Entered in the Southwest Theatre Arts competition.

Psalm 151. [Story in reader's theatre format.] Narrated at the Crosstimbers Alliance for Culture, History and Education Keller, Texas, 1988, First Methodist Church of Keller.

Nancy MacIntyre; A Tale of the Prairies. [Script and music by Joyce Gibson Roach. Musical folk drama.] Performed at the Grand Op'ry House, Uvalde, Texas, 1989.

Legend of the Animals. [Script and music by Joyce Gibson Roach. Children's Christmas musical.] Performed at Saint Phillips Episcopal Church, Uvalde, Texas, 1991.



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Invited reader of short stories, Center For Texas Studies Literary Festival, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, 1992 and 1993.

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"Women in Western Life, Literature and Film." Keynote address, German Association for the Study of the Western, Iserlohn, Germany, June 26, 1994. Followed by lecture series at universities and America Houses in Kiel, Hamburg, Hannover, Munster, and Freiberg, Germany.

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Information stops about 2003 although other speeches, articles, and books were written.