Joyce Gibson Roach

Texas & Christmas: A collection of traditions, memories, and folklore

Throughout the world, Christmas is probably the most special day of the year. And everywhere, from Maine to California and beyond the ocean, it is different in each community, each home. Yet those of us who like to think Texas is special believe that Christmas here is bigger, better, and more treasured than anywhere else. This collection, first published in 1983, grew out of that conviction.

Most of these pieces bring the past into the present, reviving traditions and memories of Christmases long gone. Others reflect the diversity of our Texas people, and still others describe customs that are even today setting new traditions for the future.

Want to make syllabub? The recipe is here. Curious about the way African Americans in East Texas or the Germans in South Central Texas celebrated? Helen Green and Minetta Goyne capture those special customs. Elmer Kelton and Joyce Gibson Roach recall the joy and sadness of Christmases during World War II.

When it was first published in 1983, this small book enchanted readers young and old. Now it has been revised and expanded--new memories have been added, new activities suggested, new traditions explored. A perfect stocking stuffer!