Joyce Gibson Roach

Texas Short Stories 2

.. rich assemblage for the short-story enthusiast with a palate for some high-grade Texana. -- Tom Dodge, Dallas Morning News

Better to just dive into the tome and begin wherever the spirit leads you. -- Clay Smith, Austin Chronicle

"A highly readable book and bound to be of interest to all Texans. Every region of our great state is represented here and represented well by some of the more established authors as well as by some new comers to Texas letters. A book to be read more than once, and one which Texans and nonTexans, young and old, will read, keep, and treasure."
Rolondo Hinojosa-Smith

"A generous outpouring of Texas voices. Both emerging and established writers have their say, producing in the blend of mighty chorus sure to be relished and remembered for some time to come."
Annette Sanford

"A a time when lots of Lone Star writers are banking on crime novels and film scripts, Texas short story writers continue to patrol the smaller venues, sending back microcosmic reports from off-ramp towns, core samplings from burgeoning metroplexes, keeping the faith. Billy Bob Hill's new anthology contains a wealth of Texas tales, nearly fifty stories in all. They range from Betsy Berry's beautifully rendered poignant story fo the loss of friendship in Neiman-Marcus Dallas to Pat Littledog's deeply compelling, mean streets chronicle that echoes the blues truism, 'wasn't for bad luck, wouldn't have no luck at all.' We're all lucky to have Pat Carr, Mark Busby, James Hoggard, Jan Epton Seale, Pat Littledog, Jan Reid, Joyce Gibson Roach, James Ward Lee, Betsy Berry, Marshall Terry, Clay Reynolds, Terance A. Dalrymple, and Judy Alter, and a treasure trove of other Texas short story writers all in one colossal volume."

Sarah Bird