Joyce Gibson Roach

This Place of Memory: A Texas Perspective

Texas keeps a strong hold on its native sons and daughters - a hold that seems only to increase in power as those sons and daughters leave the stat's physical boundaries. Sometimes it is a small, disappearing town, sometimes it is a lonesome spot where the very loneliness stamps Texas on the soul . . . and sometimes it is remembrance and longing for a people, a way of life that seemed to belong just to Texas. This collection of memories extends the idea of Texas the magnetic, whose attraction draws with a power shared by few other places on the globe. This Place of Memory should soothe the heart of a Texan, and it could well explain some of the mysteries of Texanism to strangers to her shores.

In an era that demands a "quick read," This Place of Memory: A Texas Perspective edited by Joyce Gibson Roach, offers a volume that may be savored in small sips or large gulps.