Joyce Gibson Roach

Honor at Daybreak (Texas Tradition)

Honor at Daybreak TCU Reprint from Texas A&M book distributors. Joyce Gibson Roach wrote the foreward.

From one of the West's greatest living  storytellers, winner of numerous awards, including the Spur,  the Golden Saddleman, and the Western Heritage  Award, here is Elmer Kelton's magnificent new novel  of the wildcat West Texas oil boom of the 1920s.  It used to be that the worst crime in Caprock was  moonshining or lying about your Saturday night date  on Sunday morning--until someone struck oil. Now  the scent of the stuff has brought every dreamer,  drifter, and two-bit swindler to town. Among them  is the frontier mobster Big Boy Daugherty, who  warns any who'd stand in his way: Get Out or  Die. One man will do neither. Sheriff  Dave Buckalew is a man too proud to give up and  too stubborn to give in. He liked his town the way  it was--before the bootleggers, brothels, and  fortune-seeking roustabouts--and so did a lot of other  hardworking decent folk. Together they'll fight  to win back their town--and their future. This is  the story of their heroic stand.